Join Our Studies

We are actively seeking participants for our research studies. If you meet the following criteria, we invite you to be part of our research:

Active or Former Professional Contact/Collision Sport Athletes

If you are or were a professional athlete in contact or collision sports, your unique experiences are vital to our research. Help us advance our understanding of exposure to head injuries.

Pregnant Women with a History of TBI

Are you currently pregnant and have experienced a mild, moderate, or severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? Your participation can make a significant impact on our study. We aim to understand the effects of TBI during pregnancy.

Why participate?

Contribute to Research:

Your experiences can shape the future of safety measures and healthcare solutions.

Join a Research Community:

Be part of a diverse group of individuals dedicated to advancing our knowledge of head injuries.

Make a Difference:

Your involvement can improve the lives of athletes and expectant mothers.

How to Join

If you meet the criteria and wish to participate in our study, please contact us using the provided information. We look forward to having you on board. Help us make a difference through research. Feel free to also email Dr. Hector Arciniega,

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